Palm Sunday



Panoram of Palm Trail

Today I went to the Cavango church ceremony. It is Palm Sunday! The church celebrated by reenacting Jesus coming into town on a donkey with the crowds laying palms before His path. The church laid a long path of tree branches outside doors of the church. Everyone marched in carrying branches..

Girls singing coming through Door
Entrance with song

A little boy played Jesus being carried on the back of a “donkey”, which was actually a man with a sack over his head.  The energy in the room was sky-high. Branches shaking, everyone dancing, the church belting out their song. It was such a passionate entrance.

Jesus on Donkey

The pastor started the service by welcoming me, the unfamiliar face in the crowd. He asked the Lord to bless my time here. They then sang a song welcoming visitors!  What a hospitable, caring people.  I saw some of the people whom we treated in clinic participating in the service. How gratifying it was to see them living out their joyful, praiseful, daily lives.

Crazy branches
The church filling up after the procession


Cute boy at church
Cute lil guy sitting next to me



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