Patient Update

Patient Reference from “Easter Surprises” Post:

Man in fake coma vs. cerebral malaria: He woke up later in the day, and when we saw him the next day, he complained of neck pain. He had no signs of meningitis. He agreed to staying a total of 3 days (in our hot, stinky hospital with kids crying on both sides of him, missing days of work) to receive the full course of antimalarial treatment for our concern of potential cerebral malaria.   When asked what happened the day he came into our clinic, he said he could not remember anything, only that he woke up here. Strange! Since we are unable to perform the lab test for malaria, we shall never know!


One strange coma.
One strange coma.


Patient Reference from “Camboli” Post:

Girl with cerebral malaria: She is alive!!!! I’ve been waiting to share about her because she has been making very small progressive steps each day. Dr. Kubacki did not expect her to make it through the night, and when we saw her the next day, she was still breathing normally although continued to have close-interval seizures. The day after that, she responded to touch, although still had seizures. The next day, her seizures stopped and she took a sucker that Dr. Kubacki offered her. Yesterday, she was crying, and her father told us that she started talking and said “Mai” (mom). She could follow us with her eyes as we moved around the room. Today, she was sitting up in bed, and pushed away Dr. Kubacki’s hand while he was examining her. AMAZING!   Dr. Kubacki has never had a child survive malaria who required an interosseous line (fluids administered into the bone through a needle). He keeps reiterating to her family that God must have some special plans for this little one!


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